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oliver simon fbp federal bureau of physics vol 4 — самые ходовые товары в интернете

"The impossible is always possible..."Our universe has always been governed by predictable constants. By laws that were chiseled into stone at the beginning of time. By forces as fundamental as the gravity that keeps us grounded. These were the rules, and we thought they'd never change.We were wrong.Quantum tornadoes. Localized gravity failures. Bubble dimensions. Inescapable vortexes. The fabric of the universe is weakening, and the brave men and women who risk their lives to repair it work for the Federal Bureau of Physics.For Agent Adam Hardy, the FBP is more than a job. His entire life, he has been fascinated with the father he never met, a pioneering physicist who made an incredible discovery and paid for it with his life.Adam, his partner Jay, and their supervisor Cicero know the new rules. They've mastered them. But the conspiracy they're about to uncover will break the rules all over again. And if they're not careful, it'll break them too.